Star treatment to combat flaccidity and aging

It is a treatment in which, with a microneedle device, the production of collagen and elastin is increased, resulting in a notable improvement in expression lines and wrinkles. It also helps with marks and scars.

Its application can be accompanied with peptides (tensors, moisturizers, hyaluronic acid) or even with platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient, everything will depend on the result that each specific patient seeks to obtain.


1 Hour

Recovery time


Required sessions

1 Monthly

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Right after cleaning the area, we apply an anesthetic cream to make the treatment not bothersome and achieve the desired result.

Normally there is no evidence of blood during its application, although it is normal for a small drop of blood to come out in some areas, it all depends on the depth with which the microneedles are applied.

It is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun for a period of 3 days after application.

We do not recommend doing physical activities the same day after the session.