Facial dermaplaning

It is a procedure in which we seek to eliminate the layers of dead skin and remove facial hair without any risk during the process, it is applied with a device similar to a specialized scalpel to remove superficial dead skin that is difficult to remove with a common cleaning.

It is a spectacular treatment with immediate results where you can enjoy a more revitalized skin once excess waste and dead skin have been removed.

Morpheus is especially indicated for this type of scenario since the combination of microneedles with radiofrequency light manages to reach the layer of the skin where collagen and elastin are produced in order to retract the fallen fold and restore the desired firmness.


Recovery time


Required sessions

1 Monthly

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Frequently asked questions and answers

No it doesn’t hurt at all

No, it does not happen since the application of dermaplaning comes with a specific technique in which we prevent the hair from being cut incorrectly and an increase in the thickness of the follicle occurs.

We recommend combining it with a facial hydration treatment such as dermapen, we can carry out a dermapen session to hydrate and finish with a dermaplaning application to obtain the best result on our skin.