Star treatment to combat flaccidity and aging

It is a treatment that works 3 technologies in 1 single equipment, provides peptides to the skin, activates the production of collagen and elastin, in addition to also improving areas where there is hyperpigmentation (Dark Spot) on the face.

It is recommended for people with sequelae of acne on the face, for people who want to see their skin more tense, much more hydrated and renewed.

A very complete treatment where the skin is going to be nourished through the application of peptides and acids with the application to obtain different results for different procedures (Hydration, help with the aftermath of acne products, with open pores) Before starting the application of the Hydrofacial equipment, the specialist performs an initial cleaning to remove impurities from the skin, extracting comedones and once the skin is clean, the ideal product for the patient’s need or requirement is applied.


1 Hour

Recovery time


Required sessions

1 monthly

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, you can return to your usual routine, we only recommend not exposing yourself directly to the sun after the session

We recommend doing one session a month, which is the time when the skin regenerates.

It is recommended for patients who suffered from acne in their past and were left with marks on their skin, as well as for patients who want to enhance their tone and have a much more hydrated face.

The application is normally not painful, sometimes you tend to feel a slight burning sensation when applying certain peptides but it is momentary since after the application it is neutralized.