Laser depilation

Star treatment to combat flaccidity and aging

In this treatment we use laser light technology with the function of reducing or inhibiting the production and growth of hair on the body. We recommend patients to depilate with a razor within 24 hours before the session (it is important not to depilate with hot wax since this procedure pulls out the hair from the root and with this treatment we seek to attack the root with the laser light to avoid its growth again)

After application, the treated area is usually a little red, but it disappears after a few hours. It is recommended that you do not perform any strong exfoliation, avoid physical activity after the session or apply hot blankets since the area is a bit sensitive.

Normally, after the 2nd application, the hair has disappeared or decreased almost completely, so we recommend carrying out 3 sessions in the space of 1 monthly session and then, after the 3rd session, doing a maintenance session every 6 or 7 months.


from 30 minutes to 2 hours

Recovery time

1 day

Required sessions

1 Monthly

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Preguntas y respuestas más frecuentes

Normally it is a painless treatment, when the hair is pronounced it usually feels like a slight prick and that is why we recommend waxing the day before.

Everything depends on the hair of each person, but normally from the second session impressive changes are already appreciated.

If this technology can be applied to all skin phototypes, in the same way the specialist will carry out a consultation prior to the procedure where he will analyze the skin phototype and decide on the best protocol for the patient.