Lymphatic drainage

Star treatment to combat flaccidity and aging

It is a gentle massage technique whose objective is to mobilize the fluids retained by the body to promote the elimination of waste substances that accumulate in the body. It is commonly used in post-operative treatments since it helps reduce inflammation in the treated areas, generates a feeling of relief and helps us improve blood circulation in our body.

This treatment is accompanied by the application of ultrasound to optimize results, reduce inflammation and relax the muscles in the affected area.


45 Minutes

Recovery time


Required sessions


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The first sessions can generate a slight sensation of discomfort, so the area is very sensitive, but as each session the inflammation decreases and therefore the sensation in the area will improve each time.

It depends on the evolution and the need of the patient, but we recommend a minimum of 10 to 12 sessions.

Its function is to reduce inflammation by increasing the size of the blood vessels, favoring the drainage of liquids in the area and thereby restoring the appearance and normal size of the skin.