Micropigmentacion, microblading

It is a treatment in which, through a dermographer, the specialist manages to simulate the hair in the desired area as naturally as possible.

It is a specialty framed in the field of aesthetics whose purpose is to beautify, correct or improve certain features of both male and female body anatomy.

It is considered a permanent makeup technique.


2 Hours

Recovery time

2 Days

Required sessions


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Frequently asked questions and answers

With micropigmentation, a longer duration is achieved in terms of the pigment in the skin, but the natural effect that with the microblading technique is achieved, is achieved to appreciate and take care of the details with greater precision and they are evidenced in more real and natural hair.

It can be applied to different parts of the body for aesthetic purposes such as Lips, eyebrows, skin with burns, Areolas, hair, Beard

Before the application of microblading, the specialist proceeds to apply an anesthetic cream in order to make the procedure much lighter, normally it is usually very tolerable.

We recommend avoiding sweating the area where the procedure was performed so that the healing and pigmentation process proceeds as well as possible, in the same way we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun.