Our star treatment to combat flaccidity and aging

It is one of our star treatments to combat flaccidity and aging. It is a new technology that combines the application of microneedles with radiofrequency with the purpose of increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the deepest layers of the skin to restore firmness in the desired area.

Over time, the body stops producing the normal amount of collagen and elastin necessary to keep the muscles firm, so we begin to notice that over time certain areas begin to decay more and more

Morpheus is especially suitable for this type of scenario since the combination of microneedles with radiofrequency light manages to reach the skin layer where collagen and elastin are produced in order to retract the fallen fold and restore firmness. desired.

session length

1.5 hours

Recovery time

1 Dia

Required Sessions

3 Sessions

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Before the application of the morpheus, the specialist applies an anesthetic cream in order to make the session as pleasant as possible.

The first days begin to show good changes but the most notable changes begin after the 3rd week. Improvements continue over time.

It is recommended that patients do not perform any demanding physical activity within 2 days, where they should keep the area hydrated and we recommend the application of a good sunscreen. For patients who wear makeup, we recommend waiting a period of 1 or 2 days before applying makeup again.

Redness during treatment is normal, but after a few hours the redness will disappear. It is also very normal the appearance in the following days of microlesions in the areas where the microneedles were introduced.