It is a treatment aimed at losing weight in 4 weeks, each week includes a different eating plan together with the applications (8 applications) of lipotropic enzymes that stimulate the degradation of adipose tissue, enzymes that regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, reducing thus hunger and anxiety, amino acids to protect your muscle mass, vitamins and minerals that help strengthen hair and skin.

Four nutritional controls are carried out to evaluate weight loss, fat% and measurements.

It is important to perform some type of physical activity (4 – 5 times a week) from 30 to 45 min.


4 weeks

Recovery time

Required sessions


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Frequently asked questions and answers

En general puedes bajar entre 6 a 8 kilos (13 – 17 Lb)

Es un tratamiento aprobado como tratamiento de adelgazamiento y junto a los planes de alimentacion, la idea es moficar hábitos alimentarios que se puedan mantener en el tiempo

El tratamiento es inocuo para todo aquel paciente que presente patologías controladas